Hi, I’m Isabelle!

The simplified version of what I do - a writer, author, and storyteller who helps businesses and entrepreneurs to establish brand stories.

From the business school, multinational corporate, coffee start-up, starting a business, exiting from the business, and diving into content writing, I have created a book worth of experiences made from fear, tears, breakdowns, soul-searching, love, hitting rock bottom, quitting, and trying – all packed in a tiny book called ‘The Art of Owning Your Story’.

I say, 'life is supposed to be hard', and here's why.

I learned my best lessons from the biggest flops in life. Period.

When I allow myself to fail and hit the rock bottom, I am free to try new things and experience life fully.

Regardless of what people have to say about success, I’ve learned the hard way that if I don’t believe in what I do, if I don’t enjoy doing what I do, I’ll perish in the pursuit.

The process of finding ways to a fulfilling life wasn’t sunshine and rainbow, but life is too short not to live it.

isabelle thye

What do I write about?
In this blog, I write about my entrepreneurial journey, the lessons I learn, personal development, as well as other things that matter, such as family, relationship, and adventures.

I run a content writing company and write for various publications. You can also find my work at #Besomebody AdvisesPositively Positive, and GEM Magazine.

Thank you for taking your time, if you would like to get in touch, drop me an email at isabelle.tzx@gmail.com.

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