Work that matters

I’ve been swimming in doubt for a while in the midst of planning for a new book until a friend pointed me to the right questions: what is the big question that you are trying to answer? Why does the book matter?

While I have the clear intention to gather all ‘Own Your Story’ podcast interviews in a book, it took me a little more ‘inward-digging’ to clarify the bigger vision — to redefine the narratives of Malaysian millennials.

What does it take to make a leap and create an adventure of your own?

Move backwards to move forward

‘Redefine the narratives of Malaysian millennials’ sounds like a hell of a big undertaking, who am I to answer the big question?

But, why can’t I?

As I sank deeper in the spirit of this project, I felt that the energy of creation comes from appreciating and honouring my root — where my grandparents came from, how my parents grew up and how hard they worked to give me the best they could.

The work is not to condemn the old narratives of ‘study hard -> good results -> good job -> good life’. It has gotten us this far, and it is time we update our collective stories in order to keep up with how the world changes today.

The one-liner vision gives me so much clarity about the work that I do, the way I didn’t target a niche group of people to interview, the reason I was drawn to sharing stories about all kind of human experiences.

All the times we get back up from doing and falling became the ingredients to carve a new narrative about finding our place in the world as millennials.

Navigation doesn’t mean lost

When I traced my steps back to the long journey of defining who I am and my role in the world, I noticed that despite a lot of faith and stubbornness, there were many times I felt lost and didn’t know what to do.

It took time to learn that ‘what I want’ is a moving target that changes as I evolve into a different person.

When I felt ‘lost-but-I-know-my-direction’ recently, I realized that I needed to move past the disempowering word ‘lost’ and come up with a better interpretation of what it is about.

Life is not a straight line where everything is certain and consistent. Wherever the destination is, whatever I feel is right about a ‘calling’, there would be a gazillion checkpoints in the middle where I have to make a choice to move forward.

I believe that wherever I am is the right place to be; whatever I do is the right thing to do.

When I am at a crossroad deciding the next turn, it is simply an act of navigating. I am not lost at all.

Work that matters

What am I supposed to do with life? It is a question I asked myself when I was in my first job feeling stuck in the joyless motion that repeated itself like an auto-program.

Does passion matter? What is the purpose? Should I do what I love? Or will I love what I do best?

The only thing that matters, ultimately, is finding my own truth and owning my voice regardless of what everybody tells me.

The way inward is a long journey full of struggle and obstacles, but it’s worth every drop of tear and sweat. When I can face the world being the person I love, I can make a difference being who I am.

I am just a dust dancing in the universe, existing briefly in the eye of eternity. How can I make the most out of it?

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