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What being an underqualified and undereducated writer taught me about life

By copying and stealing from the pro, I started my career as a content writer without any experience and qualification.

Writing has always been a passion until I came across my first paying gig that subsequently lead to more jobs.

As an undereducated and underqualified writer whom experience consisted only of personal blog writing, I had no idea what I got myself into or how the industry worked.

Something was missing

With a bit of luck and the help of relationships, I learned the trade and grew the business through referrals.

As my wings hardened, I got used to putting up a price tag for everything I created, being cautious to not under-price my service according to the market rate, and always looking out for what other people are doing whenever I got a new assignment.

As time went by, I found myself in an awkward position where I wasn’t proud of what I did, and I couldn’t see writing in the same light that brought life to me anymore.

I build a business based on skill

The business plateaued as the owner drowned in the mess of figuring herself out. Something inside of me was suffering a slow death.

If someone asks, ‘I’m looking for a GREAT (someone).’

Do you leap in with ‘Hell yeah, that’s me! I’m a FANTASTIC (someone).’

When I came across this question, I knew in my heart that I have the confidence to be that great writer!

I had a big ‘aha’ moment when I was finally understood what went wrong in my journey — I was a creative type trying to be an entrepreneur!

I tried hard to build a business based on my skills, spent my energy to figure out what would work and not feeling any fire burning inside me.

Stop being like everybody else and remember your core purpose

Writing used to be a simple act to connect with people I love and to sooth the struggles of people on their journey of discovering life.

It brought me joy when I was able to touch lives.

From the very start of my writing career, I tried to write like everybody else, produced the work that fit in the industry and work that kept me safe to get more jobs.

I traded off my most important essence in the process of building a career.

Without the intention to touch lives and create values that bring light to people, I was a miserable empty shell even though everything else was taken care of.

It is in the losing where I find myself

“If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”—Bruce Lee

It took me a year to explore the industry as a writer and figure out my relationship with jobs, clients, money, and my own passion.

Even though there are multiple opinions about what passion means and the role it plays in our career, I knew that passion drives me in every pursuit I embark on.

It is the true north that has guided me through different industries and gave me the courage to keep trying new things, poking the edge, and reinventing myself.

It felt like home when I reconnected with the core of who I am.

I am at peace with life, I am free, and I can be anyone I want to be.

Writing is just a mean to an end, my adventure goes on.


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