UX UI in Real Life

We are all well aware that the virtual world is deliberately created and designed for whatever purpose it serves, be it reading, paying bills, shopping, playing games, stalking your hot neighbour and so on.

Has it ever occurred to you that the real world you live in is created and designed in the same manner?

You are surrounded by wall, ground, table, chair, light…

Out there there are public transport system, car parking system, food ordering system, banking system, retail system…

 You are so used to interacting with these objects and processes that you never realise they too, like Ebay, Facebook, and Whatsapp, are deliberately created by some one just like you and me.

The design of these objects and systems gives us cues to react, although we hardly ever thought that ‘design’ actually exists in things like our books, our coffee mugs or the car park area in your favourite mall.

We often hear complains about long queue to pay bills, not being able to secure a parking space in 30 minutes, coffee mug not being able to retain heat, but we never act on it and question it.

We just assumed that these things are the way they are since the days we are born.

As more and more people are talking about UX and UI in the virtual world, where everyone in the Silicon Valley scratch their head to create seamless process between user and devises, why haven’t we give the same share of attention to our everyday processes and objects?

At the end of the day, we live in the real world full of stuff and processes. We never ever think that they are created and changeable just like our phone applications because we have missed the golden age when our smart ancestors created them.

As the world progress, as the demography shifts, as human intelligence advances, we should rethink our systems and processes.

Are they obsolete, are they functioning well? Are they solving problem or creating problem?

If our ancestors were able to create them, we too have the ability to improve and to change.

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  1. MadihaMarch 28, 2015

    You’ve got it in one. Codunl’t have put it better.

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