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The Art of Owning Your Story


Everyone has a unique story to tell
My experiences taught me that it’s okay to try different things in our 20s – we have time to learn about ourselves before anything else. No voice is too small to be heard, our story could empower another person on a similar path.

Unleash your inner strength to take risk and explore life
I wouldn’t have found my strength in content creation had I stayed in a corporate job that I didn’t enjoy. If my story could inspire one person to make a tiny shift in life, it’s worth everything.

Our story is the most powerful tool we have
When more of us take ownership of our experience, our emotion, and our desire to seek truth, we can create a movement to live an authentic life.

Hi, I’m Isabelle, author of ‘The art of Owning Your story’.

I wrote this book to share my journey in the past 5 years after leaving college. From corporate, coffee to start-up, with every twist and turn, I gave myself a chance to reimagine who I could be.

This is a special project close to my heart when my brother, Zhe Hui, collaborates with me by contributing illustrations for each of 12 chapters in this book.

As my best friend and brother who has been cheering me along this journey, I couldn’t think of anyone better to translate my story into beautiful artwork.

The Journey
There were times when following my heart meant that I had to go against reasons, common sense, and wise advises of people in my life.

It wasn’t easy to quiet self-doubt, but I found joy when I write from my heart.

When people recommended my articles or told me that ‘I felt you’, I knew that there are people on a similar path, and we have a voice to empower each other.

In this book, I shared about the internal and external challenges I faced in this haphazard journey, how I overcame it, and how I moved forward with new lessons ingrained in my heart.

I also talked about other things that matter such as travelling, fear, love, relationship, spirituality, and following my heart.

When I founded a content solution company in 2017, I finally understood what it meant ‘to do what you love, and love what you do’.

The past 5 years wasn’t rosy, but life is too short not to live it.

The book will be paperback, 13cm x 21cm, about 100 pages, with a beautiful hot-stamped cover and unique ring binding; while the postcards of illustration artwork are A6 size. To make the minimum order of 500 printed copies, we need you!

As a humble token, I will sign each book that we ship and package it with handwritten thank you card.

Here are some illustrations that have been completed:

How you can help

Publishing this book is a big part of my journey in 2018, it would mean the world if you support my pre-launch campaign before 6th March.
I want a copy!


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