isabelle thye

40 times

At the mark of the 40th episode of Own Your Story podcast, I decided to put a stop to this journey and focus on turning the audio contents into a book, something tangible that people could hold, a medium in which I could express myself most honestly. 40 episodes. They represented 40 times of putting myself out…

isabelle thye

Leap of faith

“How do I know when I’m ready?” “You won’t. That’s all it is, a leap of faith.” Seated in the dark with popcorn in my hand, I was marvelled at the profundity of what I just heard in the Spiderman cartoon. I felt understood, moved, relieved that I’m not the only lunatic out there. Sometimes, I believe…

isabelle thye

Powered by Pain

While planning a community meetup with the theme ‘turning struggles into strengths’, I got so confused in the middle of discussions when we were brainstorming the ‘transformation’ part. It’s easy to shine a light at struggle and invite people to talk about it, but how might we empower or enable the transformation into a strength…

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