isabelle thye

Reflection from 1 year of community building @ Own Your Story

In the weeks leading to the mark of Own Your Story’s (OYS) first anniversary in August, I found myself lost… again. Instead of mesmerising the wonderment in our journey, I was troubled by the urge of monetizing it and turning it into a business, showered in many well-intentioned advices and couldn’t hear my own voice. During the…

isabelle thye

What risk would you take to change your world?

“You change the world when you create something that never exists before.” — Srinivas Rao When Frankie and I started Own Your Story community event, we were not inspired by such a noble reason. We both spent a lot of time figuring out ourselves, went through 10-days of silence in Vipassana meditation, felt that something is missing in our society…

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