Why is storytelling so powerful


I felt disbelief not because of the story of sexual abuse I just heard.

I was amazed that a beautiful lady just shared her most vulnerable moment in life with all of us, despite this being the first time we met.

In that moment, I felt that we belonged together.

When a friend and I decided to organize a storytelling workshop two weeks ago, I never thought what started as a fun idea could turn out so beautifully.

As the host, it felt special when I could share my beliefs in storytelling and how I approach the work that I care deeply about.

Stories carry the ideas that change the world
Story is a mean to get an idea out of a person’s head and get it across to another person’s head.

When one person has a crazy idea and does something crazy, he is called a nut. When 2, 5, 100 and 1000 people share the same idea and do the same thing, it became a movement.

This is how a cause is started, a company is formed, a nation is built, and a war is ignited.

Everything around us, no matter how big or small, starts with an idea conceived in a person’s head.

Story inspire changes
Every story has a climax, and every climax is about change.

A movie script writer said that in order to create an engaging story, there must be a character overcoming challenges to achieve a goal.

At each turning point, what was impossible becomes possible, what was unknown becomes known, those who were losing starts to win.

As an audience, we indulge in the wonderment of a passionate pursuit, inspired to accomplish something bigger than ourselves.

Stories shapes who we are
Stories present us with a window to peek into our past and reimagine our future.

When we apply storytelling in our life, do we see a character overcoming challenges to achieve a goal?

If we don’t, we have an opportunity to reimagine who we could be, what kind of challenges we want to overcome, and what is the goal that we are willing to struggle for.

When we look at life like a story, we will be aware of our power to decide and design the kind of story that we wish to live in.

Stories connect and empower people
When I walked around the room, I heard about stories of sexual abuse, depression, gambling, cryptocurrency and hard lessons in life.

Despite coming from all walks of life and across different generations, everyone was genuine when they shared a personal story and commented on each other’s storytelling skill.

There was no judgment or critic, but a sincere openness in embracing differences and holding space for each other.

No voice is too small to be heard. OUr story could empower another person on a similar path.

The art of storytelling
That night, everyone who came with an open heart allowed us to create a space where it’s okay to be vulnerable and speak the truth.

When everybody revisited their past and shared a story filled with deep emotion, their heartfelt message inspired me and touched my heart. I felt privileged to be granted the trust.

What is the art of storytelling?

It is not a competition to tell the best story.

When we share our truths with kindness and generosity, it is the most powerful tool that we have.

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