Own Your Story #9 with Rachel: How to stay grounded through peak and through as an artist

In this episode, Rachel shared her dramatic journey as a singer who tasted success as a royal singer early in life, went to college, joined Akademi Fantasia (a top Malaysian reality singing competition show), fell into rock bottom, picked herself up by letting go of ego to sell homecooked meals to students.

Show Notes:

1:10 Rachel talked about how she stayed grounded despite early success in life as a royal singer

5:40 Breaking rules and organising a concert in the first year of uni

9:20 Lessons learned from contending as a student representative

15:00 Pain and gain from joining Akademi Fantasia 2015

28:10 Dealing with haters on social media after elimination

31:30 The stress being a semi-celebrities when her physical appearance was always being scrutinised

33:30 Hitting the rock bottom after Akademi Fantasia when family and career collapse at the same time

39:02 Picking herself up through positive self-talk

40:30 Letting go of ego and starting a catering business doing what she loves (cooking)

45:40 Lessons learned from catering and facing doubters

53:00 3 biggest life lessons learned so far

Rachel's FB: https://www.facebook.com/rachelaf2015fc/

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