Own Your Story #8 with Daniel Lee: Pushing to Paralympic 2020 with a strong ‘why’

Daniel is the founder of Push to Inspire, an athlete and inspirational speaker who is on the journey to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics in wheelchair racing. In this podcast, Daniel shares how he overcomes challenges, limitation and push towards Paralympic 2020 with a strong purpose.

Show notes:

0:40 How Daniel's late father empowered him

2:10 Daniel talked about his physical limitation and how he discovered sports after college

4:05 Confidence comes from the belief that everyone can push beyond challenges

5:40 Daniel talked about nature vs. nurture

7:45 How to overcome critics and naysayer

9:05 How to form a vision and set goals early in life

11:50 'when I shared my story, people listened'

13:50 Daniel talked about sharing story from heart

16:20 Challenges in qualifying for Paralympic 2020

19:05 Daniel's tips on staying motivated in this lonely journey

25:15 Daniel's top pick in book recommendation

26:40 Legacy of love

Daniel's FB: https://www.facebook.com/leinad91

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