Own Your Story #23 with Elaine Wong: Come alive doing what you love

I thought Elaine was a reserved and quiet person the first time I met her over a dinner gathering.

When I discovered that she gave up a career in Germany to pursue art in Malaysia, I was intrigued to find out more about her story.

Even though she told me about her nerve before we recorded the podcast, she came alive when she started sharing her art journey!

1| Make time for your passion

Art was deeply rooted in Elaine’s DNA since she was a kid. However, according to her father, art was something that ‘only make you rich after you die’. So, she ended up pursuing computer science instead.

While Elaine excelled as an IT consultant, she picked up the brush in 2010 and spent all her free time on painting while working in Munich.

After 5 years, she reached the tipping point where she had enough confidence to quit her 15-year IT career and embark on the creative path.

2| Do what you need to do

‘I wake up happy and inspired to do the thing that I need to do.’

It was a beautiful moment when I felt passion and strength emanated from Elaine. She said, if we are not doing what we want for ourselves, we will be doing other people’s work to fulfil their dream.

By having faith and taking deliberate action, she created her own path at the intersection of romanticism and pragmatism.

3| Detach from mistakes

When I asked Elaine about tips or advice for new artist, she said humbly that she didn’t have any wise words besides ‘just do it’.

The caveat is — you’re going to make mistake.

Even though she struggled from time to time, she believes that everyone has the strength to overcome challenges if it is your true calling. It is important to detach yourself from mistake and walk away with the lessons learned.

4| Multiply abundance

Elaine’s proudest creation so far is ‘The Hatchery Place’, a co-working, co-living and co-learning space nestled in a neighbourhood where Elaine and her partner build their passion career while inviting others to join their journey.

In the process of inspiring her own creativity, she creates more abundance for creators on a similar path when they could work, host workshop, events and meetups in the space.

5| Light over fame

Elaine believes that making an impact in this world doesn’t mean that one has to be famous and visible to all.

She wants to be a torch that brings light to the darkness through her art works and The Hatchery Place.

“My artwork carries a message, a lesson, a nudge, or just an invitation for the audience to reflect and ponder upon, in our quest to navigate our chosen lives on earth.”

In her words, people might not feel the heat from the light, but their path will be lighted up — that’s the subtle impact she wants to make.

Come alive doing what you love

I learned what it was like to ‘come alive doing what you love’ from my conversation with Elaine.

Her superior self-knowledge and self-mastery translate to strength and determination in blazing through the uncharted territory in creative industry.

After spending an afternoon in the cosy space connecting with Elaine and other creators, I could feel her light and spirit shining through every corner.

I left ‘The Hatchery Place’ filled with warmth and inspiration.

Elaine's Website

The Hatchery Place

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