Own Your Story #17 with Shialynn: Invest in your life

I am so glad that the podcast gave me a chance to catch up with Shialynn at her new studio. It was a lot of fun and love talking about life, art, work, and our internal journey.

Sometimes, I tried so hard to explain my feeling to someone and yet having a hard time to get the message across. With Shialynn, it was just a few words and I got her knowing nod.

I felt really blessed.

Change, change and change

When I met Shialynn 3 years ago, she just made a massive transition in life from a full-time copywriter to becoming a creative lifestyle entrepreneur.

Even though the transition came after her ‘baby’, The Artsy Craftsy blog, gained a certain traction, it was a big leap to dive into the uncharted territory of entrepreneurship.

Being a solo-preneur, it also meant that she has to do it all while keep reinventing the wheel to stay relevant and sustainable.

With the constant shift in technology and social media landscape, ‘change is the only constant’ has become her new philosophy in life ever since she embarked on this journey.

Own your style

I was surprised to find out that Shialynn is still criticized for her lack of ‘proper’ qualification in art even after 3 years of full immersion in the creative industry.

Truth is, we can’t change what people said about us, but we can establish our style and show the doubters who we are.

In the creative industry, it is all about finding your interest and uniqueness, incorporate those elements in your expression, regardless of what medium you use.

Invest in life

When asked about the best investment in life, Shialynn said that it was her decision to dive into the creative lifestyle business without second thought.

The path wasn’t easy at all, in fact, it was much more challenging to deal with constant challenges and changes in the landscape.

However, when you are able to wake up in the morning, enjoy a cup of coffee and look out the window knowing that you are doing what you love, it was worth all the risks and sleepless nights.

Also, the time she gets to spend with family and loved ones is absolutely priceless.

Be professional

One of the challenges being a ‘creativepreneur’ is to strike a balance between creative freedom and commercial value when it comes to working with the client.

In order to establish a sustainable business while not losing your passion, Shialynn emphasized the importance of communication with client and professionalism as an artist.

Like an artist in a showbiz, it is important to showcase your work on social media platforms professionally, constantly communicate your brand values with the audience.

You can inspire yourself

While passion is important to keep going on the creative journey, Shialynn is driven by a bigger mission to inspire and empower more people to express themselves creatively.

Most of us are tied down with work and life today that we forget to pause and connect with ourselves.

The Artsy Craftsy is a platform and a studio that gives people the space to appreciate beauty in life, to create and to be the inspiration for ourselves.

All of us can paint, we just need to believe in ourselves.

Connect with Shialynn:

FB | The Artsy Craftsy Website

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