Own Your Story #15 with Vic Qi: A social artist who gives people permission to be different

If this life is a mountain, getting to know Vic Qi feels like meeting another hiker who is on her mission to conquer the mountain.

We might not choose the same path or have the same tool, but there’s a comradeship that was formed instantly.

Before I met Vic Qi for the first time, I asked her if she was opened to record a podcast interview to talk about her work and story.

I received an easy ‘yes’ from her.

When you be yourself, you give people permission to be different

I was amused when we spend some time to determine ‘who’ or ‘what’ Vic Qi is, a situation I often find myself in.

Our definition of ‘self’ is not a single static thing; the current of life requires us to change, grow and adapt, breaking and building things as we go along.

We eventually settled with ‘social artist’ to define Vic Qi’s work. She had organised eye contact experiment, public dancing event, silent space project, all with the purpose to help people connect with each other.

I was amazed by her courage to get out there and invite people to do ‘crazy’ things.

She said, when you truly believe in what you do, other people will join you in your mission. You get to see the warmth of human connection.

Take action despite fear

In the world where most people are committed to the race to be ‘better’ and ‘faster’, Vic Qi goes against the current to cultivate silence, stillness and connection.

Being different takes courage, effort and a lot of self-belief.

It takes extra effort to nurture expectation and relationship with her family and partner when the results and progress are slow and subtle.

Every time she puts herself out there, she strangles with fear.

‘Facing my fear is a practice’, Vic Qi said, ‘I just have to keep taking action and keep facing my fear until it doesn’t bother me anymore.’

Connect with yourself

In Vic Qi’s silent space project, she pointed that the root of all our disconnection starts with the lack of connection with ourselves and the layers of conditioning we wrap ourselves in.

She identifies spaces and tool to help people find pauses in day to day life, be silent and free from distractions so that we can hear our own voice.

When we accept and love ourselves for who we are, we are able to build relationship with people around us, open our heart, contribute more and give more to this world.

Believe in your life mission

When Vic Qi told me that she wasn’t always on a high note, I understood how important and difficult it is to maintain the belief in herself and her work.

As a creator, if you don’t believe in your work, you won’t have the enthusiasm to create; to share, and to sell with authenticity.

She lives with the belief that in this brief life time, she wants to help people connect with each other and create the ripple effect of more goodness in this world.

At the end of our conversation, the 2 hours we spent together filled my heart with warmth and hope.

That’s the beauty of human connection.

Connect with Vic Q:

Facebook | Reconnect and Recharged


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