Own Your Story #14 with Zhi Ee: Life lessons for the young, crazy, courageous

When I met Zhi Ee 2 years ago at an event, she was on a mission to crowdfund her way to attend Tony Robbins’ seminar in Sydney.

I admired her courage so much that I connected her to my friend in Sydney even though we just met.

Putting yourself out there and asking for help is hard. She did it gracefully and genuinely.

2 years later, we visited the beginning with all the experiences, struggles and lessons we have accumulated, it amazed me how life worked.

Be patient

In the last 2 years, after numerous rejections, numerous setbacks and pivots, Mosta evolved into a platform that connects the student to exciting industry experiences, creates contents and organizes events for youth.

It’s nice to see how her journey unfolds when Monsta slowly moves closer and closer to her big vision — a university of experience.

When I asked her what is her advice for smart and driven young graduate, her answer was simple and straightforward — be patient.

Strive to be 1% better every single day and focus on action.

Be authentic

As a young founder running a young startup, Zhi Ee works with many established companies to create industry experiences for students through real life project.

I wondered how she convinced the big shot CEOs to be involved in Mosta’s initiative.

For Zhi Ee, the key is simple — be authentic.

It is about communicating the intention, objectives, what’s in it for the counterpart, do not over-promise and under-deliver.

She said, closing one sales is simple, how you keep people coming back to you is a valuable skill to possess.

One small step, a little less wrong

Last year, Monsta created a video series ‘When we are young’ featuring Malaysian’s heroes that garnered more than a million views.

It sounds great, but they didn’t make any meaningful conversion out of the viral whirlwind. It was a painful miss.

This year, with the new series ‘I am the boss’ ready to launch, she learned the importance of ‘managing’ attention.

This is just one of many lessons Zhi Ee has learned in Monsta along the way.

‘We shouldn’t seek to find the ultimate right answer, rather to seek to chip away at the ways that we are wrong today, so that we can be a little less wrong tomorrow.’ — Mark Manson

Be a bit better and a little less wrong tomorrow — this is the is the ultimate life tip to be a better self.

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The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson

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