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Own Your Story #11 with Jameson Tan: Reclaiming Back My life

In this episode, we have Jameson Tan, a peak performance coach who chased his dream to make a positive impacts in people's life after surviving a road accident.

0:53 How Jameson's life changed at 4 years old when he lost his father

2:55 The positive turn in life when Jameson met his first coach

5:00 Ambition at 17 to replicate the process where someone found hope and provided hope to him

8:25 Turning life upside down and feeling lost when he left his first job with the ministry

10:18 How to find passion and purpose in life

15:05 The 'why' and the challenges in starting his own business

20:32 Jameson shared how to create change in life

23:20 Jameson's morning routine to increase performance

26:34 Book recommendation

29:30 Jameson's 3 truths

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