Own Your Story #10 with Frankie: On winning, fear, and meditation

Exploring a logical and spiritual mind with Frankie, we talked about winning in life, fear and meditation.

1:35 Fear stopped Frankie from taking action

4:12 Fear of success

7:55 Frankie talked about 10 days Vipassana silent meditation

9:40 Negative emotion deep inside has nowhere to escape

11:10 Treat meditation as a skill that needs inner effort

15:50 How meditation helps to remove anxiety, fear, anger, gain control in actions

18:00 Small effort to maintain the practise

20:00 Awareness to take action

22:00 The business model of Vipassana meditation course

25:40 Parting message from Frankie

Vipassana meditation website: https://www.dhamma.org/

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