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Is it worth it?

One and a half months into being a (over-rated) ‘startup founder’, a friend asked me this question knowing that my team was making coffee in an event until 4 am in the morning. It was a weekend.

He started to project our total revenue, profit margin, earning per hour and all the hard figures, leading to a simple question that was like a punch on my face. It made me pause, reflect, and dig deep into the ‘why’ of my being.

I simply have not calculated our return that way.

My partners and I share the same passion for coffee and we self funded a company that consults new café, brings coffee to events and supplies coffee.

That was our first coffee catering client and it meant a lot in many ways other than metrics defined in figure.

When I received the check with our company name written on it, I felt proud of us, regardless of how big or small the amount was.

It was a validation that we are able to provide service that creates value for people, while people appreciate the value and willing to pay for it.

When we saw people holding coffee cups with our logo printed, when people complimented the taste of our coffee, when people got hyped over our latte art; it was a huge accomplishment that couldn’t be measured in monetary term.

Being able to do what we love, whether its 4am or 4pm, it simply doesn’t matter.

We built something from scratch and that felt damn awesome.

There is no rocket science or high level innovation in what we do, just the belief in perfecting coffee experience and connecting people who love coffee.

Starting up a company and being your own boss is not as cool as it sounds.

You started to realize that you are fully in charge of your company’s future. Every decision matters and you bear the liability of mistake. You learn to react and adapt to changes quickly. You learn that there is no room for ‘I don’t know’. You stop waiting for things to happen and hustle like crazy.

You set the vision of your company and that syncs with your purpose.

When you are in the moment, in the motion, feeling motivated every day, you just knew it.

Money is essential to ensure the sustainability of a business but it should be the byproduct of whatever we do.

I do not start a company to get rich; I believe in the cause of what we do.

So, is it worth it?

The answer is crystal clear and I know it in heart.

No matter how small you start, start something that matters.

Brendon Burchard

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