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Redefining Selfie

When I joined Instagram, I added all my Facebook friends for the sake of simplicity and gradually deleted those who keep posting selfies.

You and I are on the same platform doing the same thing for a common purpose — to get noticed.

Am I really too cool for selfie?

Essentially, you are out there on a social media platform to express your thoughts and build your identity. Every word and picture that you put up is carefully crafted to reflect ‘you’.

Since every element represents you, they are all by default ‘selfies’- be it a picture of yourself taken from an arm length distance or 10 m distance, your coffee, your pet, your breakfast, your adventures, your quotes, your blogs, your thoughts, your jokes, your tweets, your favourite sites, your everything…

Selfies should not be limited to ‘self portrait’ — they are everything we send out that says ‘hey, this is me!’.

For example, this article of me telling you that selfie-is-not-just-self-portrait-its-everything-you-post is my selfie — I am portraying an impression via what I wrote.

You brand yourself with selfies when you send them out there telling story about yourself. You empower yourself while directing what people should think, feel and expect from you.

We are all posting selfies on different platforms all the time.

Every selfie is a piece of your story — you could build an awesome brand and an awesome tribe with awesome selfies.

IMG_20140416_121143Ending with selfie of the day – my selfie telling you that I am a coffee enthusiast

We are all selfies — be yourself and enjoy!

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