Quantum Moments

I am 25.

‘Your life has just begun, kid.’ I can imagine people saying that if I talked about life.

When I listened to James Altucher’s podcast with Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, the term ‘quantum moment’ struck me.

It sounds like one big moment when two forces collide and create a beautiful fiery explosion. At that moment of eureka, time pauses.

It made me wonder: what are the moments that shape my life?

I looked back to find my quantum moments.

These moments weren’t profound when they happened; but when I look back, they were moments that changed my life.

1) When I quit a corporate job

I didn’t remember how I resigned, whether it was through email or letter, but I will never forget how it felt that day.

I was standing under the sun and drowning in blissfulness.

Growing up in a Chinese family, we are instilled with the belief that good life is equivalent to professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers and accountants.

I grew up as a role model to my younger siblings and cousins. I secured a full scholarship and a job in multinational accounting firm before I graduated.

I guessed I was the perfect standard until that quantum moment when I decided to break free from the societal norm.

I didn’t know what my life purpose or mission was back then or even now.

What I did know was that I could do much more than a job that didn’t grow me as a person and not contributing to the world around me.

The realisation that I was ‘wasting life’ was so powerful that I decided to quit.

What have I learnt from 3 years of tertiary education?

I did part time barista job and discovered my passion for coffee.

I didn’t quit for a job in coffee industry, but I ended up joining a scaling start up coffee company and starting my own company later on.

There were uncountable screw ups and learning in between, but things fell into place starting from the moment I said ‘no’ to a corporate job.

2) The meditation that transformed my life

I met a new friend last year and he probably didn’t know that he changed my life.

He was like a messenger sent to me just to teach me how to meditate when I was stressed out about the company that I just started.

The calmness I felt was so bewildering that I kept meditating daily ever since.

Meditation has evolved into a dialogue between me and my inner self.

Every morning I go through ‘6 phase meditation’ focusing on oneness, gratitude, forgiveness and letting go, visualising future, envisioning the day, and asking for blessing.

I tune myself into a positive grateful mode to embrace whatever comes along the day.

It is hardly possible to stay calm and poise at all time, but I am acutely aware of every thought and emotion that comes to me, whether it’s good or bad.

I keep the good in gratitude list and the bad in forgiveness list.

I stopped comparing myself to others and racing against competitors. I looked within to set goals that challenge my own boundaries.

Every day I ask myself if I am 1% better than yesterday, if I have learnt something that I didn’t know yesterday.

I go to bed knowing that I have lived the day the best way I could, and that is what meditation does to me.

The beauty of Quantum Moment

Quantum moment has nothing to do with age or how ‘experienced’ you are. It is about being able to recognise something so impactful that changes your truth and keep that truth with you, building life upon it.

I am so grateful that I stumbled upon this podcast. Dr. Wayne Dyer left behind a legacy that inspires lives even when he was not around.

Will there be more quantum moments and new truth in life? I don’t know.

Right now, writing this, I am glad that life is the way it is.

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