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The pain and gain in uncovering the ugly truth

Some truths might hurt, but they set us free.

After a peaceful governing power handover 2 weeks ago, all of us Malaysian realised that it was merely the beginning of an ‘ugly truth’ saga.

The ex-PM who put us in this deep, deep shit of debt and corruption blamed the current PM for telling the truth, causing fear among people and scaring away investors.

I was like, ‘WHATTTTT???!!!!!’

I rather live in debt than in lies.

Even though we are all in a shit hole, it’s comforting knowing that our 92-year-old PM is working hard every day to right the wrong.

We accepted the ugly truth and we will work our way out of it as a united nation. No big deal.

And then I realised — wow, this is how life should be.

How many of us are willing to face our own ugly truth?

I used to complain about life a lot.

There was always something lacking, missing, and I didn't know how to make it go away. I often woke up without joy, dragged my feet to work, and sought relief from nice food and stuff. Then I went back to misery and repeat the cycle.

It was comforting to know exactly what will happen in the next day, the next month and the rest of the year while having a paycheck credited to my bank account.

All was good, but I suffered a painful slow death inside.

My ugly truth was — I had everything I needed outside but I was empty inside; I felt no joy in what I did every single day.

Truth and the cost of freedom

The moment I faced the truth and accept the fact that my life was shitty and it needed a change, I entered a new paradigm of breaking my belief, relearning and reforming my perceptions of things.

Like an explorer who discarded his map and supplies, I faced my fear and started my adventure without a plan or destination.

Living with threats, uncertainties and fluidity, I could only take one step at a time and fend for myself every step of the way.

Fear became inseparable, but somehow I was pulled to discover what’s on the other side.

The growth in the uncharted territory

When everything is uncertain, the possibilities are limitless.

I learned that I could make a leap without knowing where I land and still survive a massive fall.

Going through the process of being broken and picking myself up again and again, my experiences convinced me that there is a higher force co-creating with us if we allow ourselves to receive it.

It is crucial to find joy in being where I am right now and feel grateful for all the blessings I have.

I noticed that I feel stuck whenever I focused too much on what I want and where I want to be. When I shifted my focus outwards and do things for other people, life flowed and moved me forward.

Living a life of truth

Facing my truth put me on the journey of self-discovery, and I am still learning new truth every day.

After going through 3 industries, starting 2 businesses and authoring a book, anyone who thinks that I have my life figured out is wrong about me.

Instead of living a good life being who I am supposed to be, I am still breaking and building things, making peace with the process of ‘becoming’.

Like my country, nobody knows where we are headed or how we will settle our massive debt. But at the very least, we have a chance to clean up the past and open a new chapter of what could be.

When we choose to face our truth, I believe that we have the strength to rebuild what was broken.

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