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Own Your Story

I would laugh if somebody told me that I’ll be a writer the day I left business school.

After four years of wandering, hitting roadblocks and exploring, I gathered enough confidence to make another pivot in life.

The first day I transitioned from café industry to a full time content consultant, I woke up in fear. Out of desperation, I tried to seek comfort from old journal written when I retreated back home early this year.

‘I know, I can handle life.’

When I came across this line, all the broken feelings came back in a flash; warm tears welled in my eyes.

I was so thankful for the person I had become.

There were times people questioned my decision, the way I drifted in life. There were times I felt hurt and angry when people close to my heart didn’t understand my values.

Feeling that the world owed me an understanding, I was struck by a moment of truth – isn’t this diversity? That we are all different and we do different things?

To live a life true to ourselves, we need a strong mind and a breakable heart. We need to put in more effort, more work, more patience, and more courage.

It means that people will doubt us and challenge us, and yet we need to have faith in ourselves, to know that we will be okay even when things didn’t turn out the way we want.

Many people thought that I was brave to carve my own path, but they were wrong about me.

Every time I made a big decision, I had a fierce wrestling with fear inside, knowing that what I do will forever change my life.

Discomfort kept forcing me to make tough choices until I learned to trust my guts.

The fear of uncertainty never subsided, but the joy of doing the right thing was so powerful that it overrode fear.

I found my path when a friend engaged me to produce content, then he come back again and again, referring more people he knows.

Never did I think I could make a living out of writing, I wouldn’t dare to call myself a real writer.

While I was secretly amazed at how much people trusted me as a new writer, I indulged myself in the process of researching different industries and creating the best content I could.

When I felt the power of creating, I knew I found my place.

I’ve always wanted to create beautiful and meaningful contents that touch lives. It felt special when I was able to make it a company mission.

Through words, I wish people I love know that I need them on this path; I wish people on similar path know that they are not alone.

All of us have our own place, our own greatness. When we strive towards the best version of ourselves, we are not that different after all.

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