Isabelle & Zhe Hui

In this 4-part book series – ‘Heart, Leap, Journey & Ripples’, we will take you through the life journey of 24 Malaysian millennials to inspire you to find the courage to be your authentic self.
Through our collective stories, we hope that all of us will respect how the journey of ‘finding myself’ looks like for everyone, holding space for each other in the journey of seeking.
This series is authored by Isabelle and brought into life by illustrator/designer Zhe Hui.

Find your voice and tell your truth (RM15)

Everything you want is on the other side of fear

[Coming in 2020]

You can only connect the dots by looking back

[Coming in 2020]

Your voice is the most powerful tool you have

[Coming in 2020]

Beautiful Human Beings Featured in ‘Heart’

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Richard Ong

Yong Tien Cin

Chin Yi Xuan

Vic Qi Pan

Ca-ryn Lye

Jolene Chong