Isabelle & Zhe Hui

In the book 'Heart', we take you through the life journey of 6 Malaysian millennials to inspire you to find the courage to be your authentic self.
Through our collective stories, we hope that all of us will respect how the journey of ‘finding myself’ looks like for everyone, holding space for each other in the journey of seeking.
This series is authored by Isabelle and brought into life by illustrator/designer Zhe Hui.
isabelle thye

This book is my attempt to inspire Malaysian millennials to rethink our collective narratives through the stories of Malaysian millennials.

Where do we fit in the world? How do we find the right fit between what we are good at and what the world needs? How do we steer the path in an unpredictable future?

All of us have a voice to reshape what it means to live a life well-lived.

In this book, every chapter starts with my interpretation of the subject matter, followed by the story of another inspiring millennial I’ve interviewed.

Through the stories of millennials making a difference being who they are, I hope that they inspire you to rediscover who you are and reimagine who you can be.

Behind every person is a story, the stories we share become the mirror of our time.

 - Isabelle

Beautiful Human Beings Featured in ‘Heart’

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Richard Ong

Yong Tien Cin

Chin Yi Xuan

Vic Qi Pan

Ca-ryn Lye

Jolene Chong