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How much do we need to own to be able to give?

My staff Jay treated me to dinner in a casual restaurant on his pay day.

It is not in our culture to tip. When he tipped the waiter at the end of the meal, it struck me.

For someone earning so little to give when he doesn’t have to, he makes me rethink generosity and kindness.

How much do we need to own to be able to give?

It leads me to the Gates and Buffet. These icons poured billions of their wealth into charity that improve education, curb diseases, relieve poverty, and empower disadvantaged people with right tools. Their scale of generosity spread throughout the world and impact millions of lives.

It makes sense for people who own so much to make huge impact.

However, when someone who could not even pay rent if the salary was delayed just a few days chooses to let go of his wealth, the impact is equally huge on me; maybe greater.

I come to realise that generosity is not about how much we own, it is about how big the world is in our heart.

We give when we see the need and the people who need what we give.

If you see yourself, your friend and your family in your world, you give by treating them nice meal, doing them favour or support them in any form needed.

Jay sees himself, his friends, family, people who serve him meal and people who are in less fortunate position. He extends his generosity to the waiter.

Bill and Melinda Gates see the world; hence they give to the world.

Generosity comes when we see the big picture to be able to detect the root of big problems where the needs lie.

When we include more people in our world, we would be able to see the needs of wider population and come up with solutions that solve the needs of more people.

When we care about more people in this world, we understand each other’s problem, we come together to solve problems, we share more love with each other.

A smile or a hug could be an expression of generosity, it gives warmth and affection.

We do not need to own a lot to be generous because it lies in our value.

Who do you care and who do you want to share your value with?

This should be the fundamental of generosity.


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