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Meditation found me and changed my life

I was introduced to a friend’s friend on a random night two years ago.

They talked about lucid dreaming, meditation and spiritual topics all night. I couldn’t comprehend it, but I listened and stayed with them for the next 3 hours.

Maybe I was stressed out at that point of time, maybe I was attracted to the guy; I did a guided meditation the next day and life was changed ever since.

Every day, I thank important people in life for loving me, supporting me, caring about me, and believing in me even when I doubt myself. I thank God for blue sky, chirping birds and the cup of hot coffee in front of me.

When I appreciate the most ordinary things around me, I stop taking things for granted and feel abundance from within knowing that I have more than I need.

Stillness amidst chaos
Sometimes I looked back and feel amused.

I’ve always thought that I would live a comfortable white collar life.

However, I couldn’t stop questioning life and every question leads me to different places, even when it means making drastic changes that turn life upside down.

From working in a corporate company, joining a start up company, starting a business, exiting from it, to not knowing what’s next in life and surrendering, life hasn’t been a smooth sail.

Despite some small wins, there were struggles, stretches and tears.

Meditation is like an anchor that keeps me grounded when I felt like going nowhere in life.

In between breathing in and breathing out, I learned to focus inwards, let thoughts go wild and dissipate, eventually reaching the state of hollowness.

Love and oneness
In that space, I feel love coming for me, through me, and from me.

I would ask for blessing of love, luck, strength and faith, so that I find my path to create meaningful things in this world.

After going through ups and downs, happiness and disappointment, joy and jealousy; meditation increases my awareness of all emotions and opens my mind to oneness in life.

I learned to look deeper and see people the way I want to see myself, with love and empathy.

Little did I know that developing capacity for understanding, acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness would prepare me for storms that come in life.

When someone close to me told me that he was tested HIV positive, I was hit hard by the unfairness of life.

Why him? Why us? It hurts badly.

It took me a while to deal with it, but I remembered the moment when I told myself to forgive the virus, love the virus and learn to live with it; I made peace with life. There will be no war when there is love.

Live in now
When I exited from my company and took a break, I had no job, no career and no goal.

Waking up in the morning on a blank page wasn’t easy; and it will be harder without meditation.

Meditation reminded me that I am blessed with many good things and surrounded by love, so I won’t forget to love myself. It reminded me that I have full control of life in this moment, so that I don’t lose perspective of purpose and wholeness in life.

Sometimes a blank page gives us clarity. It is when we have the freedom to imagine and believe that our wildest imagination could actually happen.

In this moment, life is perfect. In this moment, we have everything we need. In this moment, we are loved.

No matter what comes tomorrow, we just have to believe in ourselves right now.

Sometimes, big thing slipped into life without causing a bang. That random night, meditation found me and changed my life.

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