Life Audit – 10 things I Learn Following My Heart

I love coffee. So much so that I abandoned my well-paid corporate job and took a dive into a F&B start up company, feeling certain that this is the best decision that I’ve ever made in my life.

Looking back at the past 12 months being a full time coffee lover, it is time to do an audit for my life.

1. Learn to say ‘No’

When you consciously filter out things that you don’t want in life and seek for things that you desire, you will somehow gravitate towards the right direction. In the past 1 year, I was mesmerised by how the boundaries of my comfort zone have changed with the just-do spirit.

I would never have imagined myself organising a regional coffee event and connecting with international coffee expert. But I did just that.

2. You learn to deal with people from all walks of life

While dealing with people from different background, you realised that your high level degree or perfect English does not necessarily contribute to getting things done.

Sometimes you need to speak other people’s language and learn to empathise in order to connect to them. When you are able to build the bridge straight to people’s heart, they are willing to solve your problem for who you are.

3. Everyone has something you can take away

In my position, I need to deal with foreign staff in an outlet and talked to CEO of an organisation to collaborate.

It excites me to dig into the ‘why’ behind what people are doing and what brings them where they are today. You will be amazed by how much you can learn from people around you. They might not be rich, they might not own a lot; they might not be well educated; but they know hardship, love and life.

You respect a person for their content and not their status.

4. You are the solution to problems

When you work in an environment without corporate ladder, clear rules and a defined SOP, you are trained to look for solutions before presenting a problem and you realise that nothing in this world is unsolvable.

All you need to do is to ask and seek help. When you are humble enough to reach out, the world will respond to you kindly.

Even when you hit the rough spot, always remember that there is room for mistake. You just need to take ownership of what you do and learn.

5. You wake up feeling awesome  

When you are doing things that you believe in, and you truly believe that what you do makes a difference to the world; you wake up every day feeling awesome. (Well, most of the days.)

You stop seeing your job as work or routine. You will spend your energy and capacity thinking of how you could improve yourself and how you could do better to make bigger changes.

You feel excited with your capabilities and yes – the sky is the limit.

6. You stop counting hours

In a corporate organisation, your productive hours are timed precisely and every single second is accounted in client’s budget because no party wants to lose out in this zero sum game.

When you love what you do, all of a sudden you stopped counting hours or longing for holidays; because working feels like hanging out and you treat your colleagues as friends. You really enjoy every single moment being in the motion.

7. You get the space to explore life

While working in a start up company can be challenging, it gives you the mental capacity to do deep work such as navigating your life.

Along the way, you nurture your passion, you pick up new skill, you explore new things, and you might even discover your hidden talent.

After leaving my auditor job, I truly understand ‘being present’ in life and started writing to share my ideas and journey. The seed of this simple intention has grown on various platforms where I proudly call myself a writer today.

8. You stop complaining and comparing

You stop comparing yourself with your peers because you know you are constantly being the best of yourself to move forward. Instead of seeing money as the standard of success, you measure greatness with how hard a person work to achieve their life purpose and how they give back to the society.

When your ex-colleague complaints about work, client and senior; you are just glad that you live every moment of your life genuinely.

9. I met my boyfriend!

One of the best things that happened in the past year is that I met my (coffee addict) boyfriend through a coffee event.

We love each other for the fact that we are both passionate in what we do and share the same values that truly reflect what we stand for. I am thankful that I took the leap and that brought us together.  A coffee geek and coffee addict could hardly go wrong.

10. All big things start with the first baby step

The biggest lesson that I’ve learn in the past year is that everything starts with a conscious choice and you are the master of your life. Whatever you want in life, you have the ability to make it happen as long as you make the first move. A math genius starts with 1+1 and not algorithm.

Things will flow as long as you take the first step.

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