What I learn from starting a podcast

A friend saw my frequent posting on FB and asked me why I started a podcast when he knew that there was no money involved.

I didn’t tell him that I felt ‘called’ to do it, I wonder what he would say.

After finished talking about the 12 chapters in my self-published book on FB live, it came naturally to me that it would be fun if I talk to people, record their stories and share them out.

It was a ‘by-the-way’ project, since I’d learned a ton of valuable lessons from other podcasts.

Dare yourself to be a fool

When I finally took the time to turn all my recordings into proper podcast audio with intro, music, and a bit of editing, I was so amazed by my courage to put myself out there.

They were not great. AT ALL.

‘The perfect moment is the second you act — and feel supremely weird and stupid doing it.’ — Alex Mathers

I am still confused about gaining viewers or listeners across different channels. Some of the interviews got a lot of views, some were ignored, some videos’ quality wasn’t great.

Putting myself on a weekly posting schedule, I have to edit, upload, write about it, and quickly move on to the next one.

There is no time to sulk about being bad.

Make as many mistakes as you can when no one notice you

As much as I wanted to impart wisdoms to the audience, I am the biggest gainer from this project thus far.

I am learning from the people as well as the process, honing my interview skills, editing skills, and communication skills, desensitizing myself to the fear of rejection when I reach out to new people.

To my surprise, most people were willing to invest their time on me even though I had nothing to promise.

Some interviewees have done a lot, some are just starting out, some are still figuring out; but one common trait is that they stay true to who they are and face their inner demon with courage.

Nobody dare say they have got life figured out, it’s good to know that we are all on the same journey striving to be our best self.

Be present, be curious, bring love

There were moments when I questioned why the heck did I get myself into this, I felt nervous talking to new people, I felt disheartened by the work I wasn’t happy with.

When doubt creeps in, I remind myself to stay present, be curious in the other person and fill myself with love so that I can bring love to everyone around me.

It is easier to rise above fear and doubts when I focus on bringing the best out of the other person. This podcast thing is as much as about the people it reaches as it is about me.

I hope that I could create something that reminds people of the strength in human spirit and gives hope to them in figuring out their own maze.

We are okay

One of the most memorable moments in this podcast journey happened when a person thanked me for the opportunity to review her life.

We met 3 years ago in a backpacking trip and haven’t spoken to each other until this podcast gave me a reason to reach out.

I was amazed by her courage when I knew that she started a new life from scratch with just 30 pounds in her bank account after a year of voyage.

‘I didn’t do as bad as I thought I did,’ she said at the end of our conversation.

For a moment like this, it’s worth putting myself out there and be a fool.

Hi, I am Isabelle, author of ‘The Art of Owning Your Story’, I am building a podcast called ‘Own Your Story’. Click here to download a bonus chapter of my book!

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