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What I learn from showing up at livestream

After self-publishing my own story, I realized that a book doesn’t sell by itself. I started to think about what more I can do to inspire millennials to own their story and create a life they love.

When a person reminded me that I am not in the writing industry but the personal development industry, he broke the barrier of my mind and open up the possibilities of what I could do.

I set myself up for a scary challenge — to go live on Facebook ALONE talking about my newly launched book ‘The Art of Owning Your Story’.

The point of no return
Despite the uncomfortable feeling that was haunting me, I emailed everyone on my mailing list, posted on FB and Instagram to keep myself accountable for what I set out to do.

Even though I knew that the fear came from worrying about what others might think about my ‘grand endeavour’, even though I knew that people don’t care that much about what I have to say, I simply couldn’t shake off the uncomfortable feeling in my stomach.

When I told myself that I could accept the worst-case scenario and the fact that I suck in my first solo live stream, I found the space to co-exist with fear and let it push me forward.

Showing up
Man, scary it was! I knew that the nerve was all in my head, but I had to battle my own fear in front of the Mac for a good 10 minutes before I finally hit the ‘start’ button.

Regardless of the time I spent planning and jotting down notes, I couldn’t control my speech and my mind once I went live.

My thoughts were all jumbled up. With every word coming out from my mouth I was scrambling inside for the next thing to say.

If anyone could see through my inner self, he would see a panic drown girl fighting for air.

Work in progress
When the live stream was finally over, I couldn’t hide a wide grin on my face and felt a tremendous sense of relief that lifted me up in the air.

Then I remembered the points that I left out, the rush ending that I wasn’t satisfied with, and the ‘umm’ and ‘like’ that I used excessively.

But you know what?

It doesn’t matter at all! I was so glad to be myself and be imperfect even though it was painful to watch myself later. The good thing is that I’ll cover the 12 chapters in 6 sessions, and I could only be better in the 5 more sessions to come.

Make the uncomfortable comfortable

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Even though going on live stream might not even seem like a challenge to some people, nobody can take away the sense of achievement I felt inside of me.

It is the willingness to venture out of my comfort zone to try new thing and to create a new experience that defined who I am.

I am a work-in-progress and I will create more challenges like this to become the best version of myself.

How could I not love myself for that?

Like to read?

I just launched my first book ‘The Art of Owning Your Story’! Click here to download a bonus chapter!

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