isabelle thye

The journey into authenticity

The older I get, the more I understand that I am a creator, the more I am at peace with who I am.

This understanding is of utmost importance because it liberated me to create whatever I want to, without feeling the need to fulfil a certain image.

Whenever I look back, I was always appalled and amazed by how life happened to me, for me, step by step, turn by turn, to reach where I am today, appreciative of all my cracks.



When I was struggling in an existential crisis at 26, I came across a piece of common advice that said, ‘think about what you wanted to become when you’re 6 years old, that’s usually who you really should be’.

I looked back, tried really hard to remember, stunned by the conclusion that the first 2 decades of my life was a canvas without my own painting.

Then, I started to live life, my very own life, free from all the rules and standard and the path labelled with ‘supposed-to-be’.



It took me years to detach myself from the ‘worthy person’ I was conditioned to believe all my life.

Having zero income and still surviving freed me a little. Travelling alone and having very little to spend freed me more. Having nothing and restarting life from scratch freed me fully.

I made thing. Put it out there. Made thing. Put it out there.

When the things I made felt more and more like me, I cared less and less about what people thought about me.

Because I have a reason to love myself.



I love my life not because I can afford everything I want or do anything I want to.

It’s because I have the freedom to decide how I engage with the world and who I surround myself with.

I have the freedom to fall, to be bruised, to get back up and keep going.

I make things that I enjoy and the things I make connect with people who need them. It means the world because I get to participate in a person’s life and make an impact by creating something that has meaning and purpose.



Now, I write whatever I want to, because I wish you too can paint whatever you want to on your own canvas.

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