How Masterchef makes the world a better place

Ever since I came across Masterchef Australia when I was studying in Sydney, I never miss a season even after I came back home.

Without the drama and winning-by-all-mean attitude like most reality shows, there is something beautiful and magical about Masterchef Australia that sparks inspiration, hope, and joy in my heart.

It moved me when a contestant said that he loves the moment when he calls ‘service, please!’.

“I get to see something I imagined on the plate, ready to be sent out for people to enjoy.”

Passion in the Masterchef Kitchen

The Masterchef kitchen was flooded with tears that was beautiful to watch.

The tears that moved me the most came from the elimination challenge when the contestants presented what could be their last dish and shared their stories.

Eyes burning with passion, these amateur cooks often choked up when they talked about how much cooking means to them and how the journey gave them the confidence to pursue it as a career.

While some contestants created great success subsequent to the show, in that moment of elimination, they had nothing to hold on to but their dream and passion.

It was wonderful to witness the courage of a person ready to take a massive leap in life.

Give all you have every time you show up

I find a lot of parallels between the Masterchef show and life.

The grand prize is like any goal we have in life, the path towards it consists of round and round of challenges that we have to overcome one at a time.

It didn’t matter how talented a contestant is or how well he performs in the last challenge, it only took one bad cook to end the quest.

I’ll never forget a scene when a contestant looked at his dish and said, ‘this is all I have, if the judges don’t like it, I don’t know what more I can do’.

The notion of giving one’s absolute best and surrendering to the results was breathtaking.

Be authentic instead of being the best

Masterchef Australia is a strange show that is filled with love.

Beyond the common love for food, the contestants were like a big family that support and cheer each other along the journey.

While all of them were striving towards the same ‘Masterchef’ title, they focus on bringing their story, heritage, and creativity on a dish instead of aiming to beat their peers.

Even though the judges always end a difficult decision by asking ‘what would I like to eat again’, at the end of the day the contestants who cooked with their heart ended up creating something unique that they were proud of.

Service, please!

The Masterchef show carries an authentic spirit that draws me towards the personal journey of each contestant.

It reminds me what a blessing it is to believe in our gift and use it in service of other people.

Whether it is food, words, music or painting, the essence of creation is the same — to transform our imagination into something that bring joy to lives of others.

We need more shows like this to light up the fire in people’s heart, that we do not need education or qualification to create beautiful things.

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