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How do you learn to trust?

I couldn’t find words to explain it. There were times when following my heart meant that I had to go against reasons, common sense, and wise advises of the important people in my life.

Trust is something to be experienced, the result of work and intention, suffering and reconciliation.

With every turmoil comes self-questioning, with ruthless and honest questions, comes truth.

I’ll always remember how broken I felt when a person I look up to told me to get a job and stop ‘floating’. In that conversation, he squashed my confidence, self-esteem and belief into many tiny pieces, made me feel extremely small and foolish.

Picking up the pieces, I silently made a pact with myself to create my own reality.

The only thing that matters, ultimately, is finding my own truth and owning my voice regardless of what everybody tells me.

The way inward is a long journey full of struggle and obstacles, but it’s worth every drop of tear and sweat. When I can face the world being the person I love, I can make a difference being who I am.

It takes a broken spirit to learn that I could trust my heart.


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