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What happened when I run away from life

Sometimes, I run away from life.

I ran away when all the plans in my head didn’t feel right, and yet I couldn’t grasp what my heart wants. I was told that this is a typical millennial’s self-induced problem. Just do something, they said, get a job.

No books or coach could elevate my internal crisis; nothing would change if I keep spinning round and round on the ground.

So I ran. To a new place. A new space. Rewire a new mind.

A new place

I used to say that I went ‘soul-searching’ when I hit the road. When I got a little bit wiser, I thought, whose soul was I searching for when my soul has always been with me?

And then, I found myself in a new place where nobody expected me to be me besides the red little booklet that gave me an identity.

I began my adventure talking to new people, exploring different lives from different continents, tasting food on the street, observing how people interacted with each other at the corner of a coffee shop.

Every day, I went out seeking for things that gave me joy without ever being asked to prove my worth.

Then I asked myself, what is real life? What makes a life real?

I could get through life with just a backpack.

A new space

I hid out in a meditation retreat and cut off all the connections with the world.

I was annoyed when a thousand thoughts crossed my mind between breathing in and out, I didn’t come for this.

As I kept on breathing, the thoughts subsided eventually. In a vast space of stillness, my heart was like a giant cave that kept me enclosed with love — the kind of love that brings tears to my eyes just because it was there.

Nothing changed externally, but everything I saw suddenly popped in vibrant colours, why hadn’t I realized how beautiful the world is?

I told myself, ‘I am nothing, I want nothing, I do nothing’.

I hoped people could see what see, feel what I feel. How might I do that?

It became the source of all actions.

Rewire a new mind

The world is a construct of my mind. I was hurting, feeling lost, being stuck in my thoughts when the sky was as blue as ever, the sun as warm as ever.

I worked for other people and called it a job but thought that I was jobless when I worked on myself. I felt sorry when I realised how cruel I used to be towards myself.

Seeing a world full of abundance where everything thrives without interference, can I really control life? Do I need to?

I ran away to find out what I want and what I need when I am all alone, so that I can trust it later when many voices would tell me it is not enough.

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