"A book is a gift that one can open again and again."

Option 1: Book + Postcards

Hi, I'm Isabelle! This year, getting ‘The Art of Owning Your Story’ out and learning to tell my story with pride and love have been the greatest gift from life. Because of this book, we have created more projects to empower millennials, such as ‘Own Your Story’ podcast and community launch pad.

If you know someone who needs the ‘kick’ or inspiration to take a leap in life, this is the perfect gift in this festive season!

In this hand-crafted gift package, we are gifting

  • a book hand-signed by the author (me!)
  • a set of 6 postcards with illustration and quote from the book
  • a personalised hand-written message for your important person in life

Price: RM 49.90 (expect 4-7 business days for delivery)

Option 2: Book + Coffee

Coming Soon!

What People Say About the Book

“It’s about what it means to take full authorship of our lives. An intimate account with refreshing honesty of the trials and tribulations of this beautiful journey called life. A recommended read for the young and the young at heart.”

K. Wanderman, Movie Maker

"Isabelle shows great dedication, passion, and creativity in her work. Love her work and her dedication in going the extra mile in serving others."

Ken Ng, Organisation Transformation Coach

“Thank you so much for writing your story and publishing it. It meant a lot to me as I'm searching for my own path as well. Reading your book gave me the confidence to pursue what I want, even if it's not a predictable path. I hope one day I can inspire others just as you inspired those who read your book.”

Lee Lee Woon, Pharmacist

"Isabelle shared raw emotions about the stories of exploration, struggle and failures she went through in life that serves a gentle reminder that sometimes, we can feel lost, inadequate, and not good enough and still bring forward our very own creation to find the right fit for ourselves in this world."

Frankie Kok, Business Consultant