Before we find out our pupose-Archetype

Simon Sinek came up with this extremely powerful diagram of purpose that should be made known to every single soul on this earth.

All great things start with a purpose……..
but not everyone can be Steve Job or Ghandi.

However, this diagram is so powerful that it also encompasses the key to happiness.

Basic theory is – you know your purpose, you figure out how to achieve it, and you take action to fulfil the purpose. When everything is aligned, you will achieve the ultimate goal of all mankind – HAPPINESS!

Problem lies here – too many people are working too hard to seek acceptance. Their identity is formed by comparing themselves with everyone else; hence they spend way too much time competing than looking inside themselves for a purpose.

Before we come up with our ‘why’, we need to understand that there are different archetypes according to Jungian theory which represents certain patterns of behaviour.

Let’s look at some examples of archetype:
1.      Care giver – Helps and protect from harm
2.      Creator – compelled to create and innovate
3.      Explorer – explores and discovers
4.      Hero – acts courageously to make things right
5.      Innocent – seeks purity, goodness and happiness
6.      Jester – has a good time but may convey a serious message
7.      Lover – finds and gives love and sensual pleasure
8.      Magician – transforms situation
9.      Ordinary guy/girl – ok as they are, connects with others
10.    Outlaw – rebels and breaks the rule
11.     Ruler – takes control, creates order out of chaos
12.    Sage – Helps people to understand their world
(source: Brand You)

We are not born with a definite archetype but we have the capacity to evoke any archetypes through our intended action and decision.

When we identify one thing that we feel comfortable doing consistently, that will tell us our archetype, whether we want to lead, to create, to nurture, to bring happiness, or to spread ideas….We could stop doing things that doom us for the sole purpose of being ‘good’ in people’s eyes.

Now think about it, if there is no limit of money and time, what do you want to do?

You might want to draw, write, make coffee, cook, redesign a system, travel, climb a mountain, etc etc….

Whatever that comes to your mind, this is the thing that you do because you believe in it. Think about the positive impact of your action and link it to the list of archetypes, it tells the pattern you evoke and how you should be contributing to the world.

We have choices in our action.

Before you find your purpose and sail your way to happiness; recognise your archetype, built your identity from within you, appreciate yourself for who you are.

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