Is This Fair?

This post is inspired by the article ‘Picking Up The Pieces’ in Coffee Encounter.

A coffee picker in Guatemala is paid USD2-3/day with picking quota of 100 pounds.

You pay USD 2-3 for a double shot coffee with about 18 grams of ground coffee in it.

In Guatemala, many pickers are paid below minimum wage, little kids pick coffee in the farm instead of going to school, water and electricity supply are luxury that seem so unreachable.

In an urban city, you sit comfortably in a posh café, sipping coffee while being amazed by the goodness in your cup. Life is good.

Knowing the pickers’ story in coffee plantation; you might feel bad, you might empathise.

However, these people are stronger than you thought; they have more love than you imagined.

Give them the right tools and your love; not sympathy.

Let the resources in coffee chain start with pickers and end with pickers.

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