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‘Do what you love’ makes perfect sense, here’s why

When I met a new client recently, I told him about my work in two different directions — writing for entrepreneurs or corporates and building a movement around ‘own your story’.

Somewhere along the line, I mentioned my goal to empower people ‘to come alive doing what they love’.

Hearing myself saying that, I thought ‘do what you love’ sounds cheesy and dreamy.

As I tried to figure out a better way to convey the message, I found that ‘do what you love’ makes perfect sense for the depth of actions and emotions that go behind it.

It will get you through everything you don’t love

When writing became my career a year ago, I learned to redefine what I meant when I said that ‘I love writing’.

I love to inspire people through writing about my life experiences and own the creative freedom in my work.

When I attached a dollar sign to my skill, ego started telling me what I deserve and made me miserable. Sometimes, there were clients who wanted to get things done their way regardless of a writer’s expertise.

That’s okay, I learned to make peace with doing a hundred things that I don’t love in order to sustain the one thing that I really love.

It will stimulate your creativity

At the beginning of this year, I self-published a book called ‘The Art of Owning Your Story’ with the goal to inspire people ‘to come alive doing what they love’.

Having a clear message close to my heart, I am always thinking, what can I do to reach more people? To get people out of their comfort zone? To inspire people to take action?

From a book project that was all about me, I started a podcast to distill the best wisdom from people who ‘do their own thing’ and organized community events to create a space where participants can connect, share ideas, and create projects.

I learned that when I care or love something enough, I will exhaust all the ways and connect the furthest dots to make it work.

Because you only live once

Sometimes, I had the thought of getting a job when the exhaustion of navigating life in constant uncertainties got to me.

In moments like that, negative thoughts would cloud my mind and sweep all the small wins under the rug.

But then, deep down I knew a job that doesn’t serve my purpose of ‘coming alive doing what I love’ is like an easy way out and cheating in the game of life.

I wouldn’t trade a lifetime of infinite possibilities for a few more zeroes in the bank account.

Don’t sell yourself short

In a recent podcast interview with a movie maker, I whispered a silent ‘amen’ when he said that he lives by the principle of not selling himself short for comfort.

If he hadn’t left behind a decade-long of lucrative career in the financial industry, he wouldn’t have discovered the authentic way of life in the vineyard where he spent a few years as a wine maker, or acquired an education in script writing to share his story through media.

Life is not somewhere in the future when I have many zeroes in my bank account or become somebody important.

What is the point of life when I couldn’t derive joy from doing what I love today?

Hi, I am Isabelle, author of ‘The Art of Owning Your Story’, I write about conscious living and personal growth, building a podcast called ‘Own Your Story’. If you enjoy what you read, subscribe to get the latest contents delivered straight to your mailbox!

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