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I’ve always thought that coffee is love of my life, until all hell broke loose one day.

The moment of truth struck during my first coaching session when I was required to write down the ‘why’ behind my ‘wants’.

I wrote: I want to help people to live a happy and fulfilled live in their own term.

In that moment, I had a sense of clarity – I am passionate about empowering people and not coffee itself!

I decided to make another big leap in life

The last time I left corporate world and dived into coffee industry, I called my mum with joy and liberation bursting in my chest.

Are you sure? She asked. My heart sank.

This was the person I used to be. I never involved anyone in my decision making. I was prideful of my ‘courage’ to make bold decision.

Life is kind enough to give me some ‘heart’ work since that call.

I went through the glory of owning a company and struggle of managing business and life.

At the lowest point I woke up with terrifying hopelessness of not knowing where I was heading in life.

Life taught me that I could lose everything but I’ll never lose home. The world could turn against me but I’ll have love.

Courage is a gift from others

Changing the narration that you’d been living for years wasn’t easy.

While you question yourself if this was right internally, you have to navigate criticisms and doubts from the external world.

However, you feel a strong desire in your heart. There is something out there that you think you’ll be crazy if you didn’t pursue it, because you can.

When I told my mum about starting a new venture in education this time, I also told her that among many uncertainties I was most fearful of letting her and my dad down.

Go chase your dream, she said, we are proud to see you doing what you love.

That, was the only thing I need from the universe to move forward with strength and faith.

I feel courage from outside in

Simon Sinek was right when he said that courage does not come from our internal fortitude; it comes from support we feel from other people.

I am okay to risk failing because I know that there will be a bunch of people who form my supportive cushion when I fall.

There will always be a place where I can seek shelter; there will always be people who hug me when I feel broken, wipe my tears when I cry, analyse situation when my mind gets cluttered, and push me back up when I’m ready.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but to triumph over it. – Nelson Mandela

I can never triumph over fear alone.

Life is a big playground, and business is just a part of life.

Sometimes we are so focused in winning that we forget to look up and look around. What’s the point if there is no one we can give a high five at the finishing line?

Love, play and have fun!

That’s courage.

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