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You have come this far

Matt looked at his dish intensely and choked up.

‘I can’t believe how far I’ve come,’ he said.

This is a scene from Australia Masterchef 2016 finale when the judges asked Matt, the finalist, how he felt about his dish.

I choked up too.

I felt doubtful of myself that morning when I had to do something I wasn’t familiar with. That, coupled with the fact that I haven’t figured out the next step in life; they got to me.

My confidence, joy, ease, faith and appreciation were shadowed by self doubt.

Sometimes, thinking about future frustrates me — why can’t I decide what to do?

The more you think about it, you tend to lose sight of your path and value.

This path hasn’t been easy but you moved forward one step at a time.

As you grew along the way, one day you asked yourself a different question and saw life from a deeper perspective.

You decided to drop everything you have built to pursue something deep inside that is calling for you, even though you haven’t figured out what that is.

People can tell you that you are floating, you are lucky to have freedom, you are not responsible, you haven’t tried hard enough, you should get a job, and you have life easy.

Don’t ever, ever beat yourself up because others will do it for you.

Turn within, sense the texture of misunderstanding, feeling it all the way to your physical system. Just be with what is, instead of easing it with explaining and defending. Don’t get caught up in the duality of being right or wrong. When we are in unity with oneness, all things simply are. — Dr. Wayne Dyer

I pressed my palm against my heart, acknowledging all emotions running through it and from it.

No words are needed for what is within.

I choose to focus on love and expand it.

One moment at a time, one small decision at a time, I can’t believe how far I’ve come.

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