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isabelle thye

Hitting the rock bottom

When I left the company I started end of last year, I knew I was following a path that felt like my path. Even though I was not sure where it would lead, I was ready to find out. I was scared of a blank

isabelle thye dont beat yourself

Don’t beat yourself up

Every time you overcome a big challenge, you feel so invincible that nothing can beat you anymore; you’ve cried your heart out and you thought you’ll never shed tears again. The thing is, there are always challenges yet to come, until you learn to accept

isabelle thye

What is your First Principle of life?

So, here I am again. I heaved a silent relief on my 27th birthday. Back to figuring out, back to carving my own path, back to creating life. Looking at the post I wrote to commemorate 26 years of life, a sense of amusement surged

isabelle thye meditation

Meditation found me and changed my life

I was introduced to a friend’s friend on a random night two years ago. They talked about lucid dreaming, meditation and spiritual topics all night. I couldn’t comprehend it, but I listened and stayed with them for the next 3 hours. Maybe I was stressed

isabelle thye courage


I’ve always thought that coffee is love of my life, until all hell broke loose one day. The moment of truth struck during my first coaching session when I was required to write down the ‘why’ behind my ‘wants’. I wrote: I want to help

Isabelle Thye

Create for yourself, it’s okay

I started writing because I had a vain thought, what good will ideas do if they only live in my head? Then I wrote a post about sperms. I am still amused whenever I look back at my first article. 2 years later, writing becomes

aly raisman tears

The Olympian’s Tears

When was the last time you cried because you tried so hard to do something and you finally made it? I did recently when I completed a full marathon. In the last 3km, I was at the brink of melt down with pain in every

Isabelle thye

Every day is a new adventure

I am scared of life. ‘The further out we go, the more I find myself wondering what it is we are trying to accomplish. But if this universe is truly endless, then we are striving for something forever out of reach’. Captain Kirk, Star Trek.