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isabelle thye

To be afraid is to be alive

I feel afraid a lot these days. I chose a way of life where I have to craft my own role, set my own target, and pave my own path towards it. Surprises always hit me directly in the face, sometimes hard. James Altucher wrote

isabelle thye

26 life insights from 26-year-old millennial

Wayne Dyer said that if gratitude is your only prayer, that will suffice. I realise that our perceptions change as we grow, and here are 26 things I believe in as I’m turning 26. 1. Read book Forget about the greatest books of all time or

isabelle thye travel

5 reasons to travel without planning

I am a backpacking junky. In my last trip, I thought I travel without planning and go with the flow since I’d always diverged from plans in my past experience. Knowing only the hostel I would be heading and nothing beyond that, I was a