isabelle thye

A Millennial’s Truth #4: What I learned from starting my own business

When I started a café consultancy company with my partners, my vision was to make a name in the industry that I was interested in. I didn’t quite understand the essence of building a business or creating unique value for people. Growing up, I wasn’t exposed to business world. I never thought it would be…

isabelle thye

A Millennial’s Truth #2: How working in a start-up company shaped my life

When I joined a start-up coffee chain in 2013, I entered a new world that was fundamentally different from the corporate environment I came from. Despite casual dress code, my on-boarding experience started with travelling around town with my boss to retail outlets, warehouse and roasting plant, meeting licensees and suppliers. From day one, I…

isabelle thye

Why I write a book for millennials when only 2.5% Malaysians read books?

It started with an idea, a desire. It grew stronger and stronger. The manuscript sat in my folder until a friend came onboard and said, ‘hey, let’s do this together’. When I announced my book launch to friends and family, I stepped past the point of no return. From a passion project it elevated to…

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