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isabelle thye

What is your First Principle of life?

So, here I am again. I heaved a silent relief on my 27th birthday. Back to figuring out, back to carving my own path, back to creating life. Looking at the post I wrote to commemorate 26 years of life, a sense of amusement surged

isabelle thye meditation

Meditation found me and changed my life

I was introduced to a friend’s friend on a random night two years ago. They talked about lucid dreaming, meditation and spiritual topics all night. I couldn’t comprehend it, but I listened and stayed with them for the next 3 hours. Maybe I was stressed

isabelle thye

Hey life, let’s play

Like it or not, life is a game. Whoever denies the truth, refuses to play, gets left on the side line. – Phil Knight, Shoe Dog I was mesmerised by how life unfolds itself and presents us with its treasure. I swiped someone right on

isabelle thye

Happiness Deposits

I had a crappy day. When bad things happened, they happened in sequence. I made more mistakes under pressure and that frustrated me even more. I was stuck in vicious cycle of stress that day. If it was a battle between stress and me, I

isabelle thye

26 life insights from 26-year-old millennial

Wayne Dyer said that if gratitude is your only prayer, that will suffice. I realise that our perceptions change as we grow, and here are 26 things I believe in as I’m turning 26. 1. Read book Forget about the greatest books of all time or