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isabelle thye

Hitting the rock bottom

When I left the company I started end of last year, I knew I was following a path that felt like my path. Even though I was not sure where it would lead, I was ready to find out. I was scared of a blank

isabelle thye

How to live life like a story

I came to Chiang Mai with the purpose of breaking free from an environment where I couldn’t find my way out from thinking about what to do next. If we know how to live everyday like our last day on earth, are we going to

isabelle thye courage


I’ve always thought that coffee is love of my life, until all hell broke loose one day. The moment of truth struck during my first coaching session when I was required to write down the ‘why’ behind my ‘wants’. I wrote: I want to help


What I learned from losing my best friend

I met up with my ex best friend. It was everything but scary. It felt good, weird, intimate and warm. I’d let fear hold me back for 9 years before reaching out. The lost years ‘Hey,’ I said to her. I didn’t know what else

isabelle thye

Who is your hero?

We don’t see superman flying around to save life, batman coming out at night to stop crime, or iron man spending money to build extravagant gadgets. Maybe, a real hero starts family and raises kids. He builds home to keep his family safe. He watches


Goodbye is – Thank you, I love you

When I saw tubes penetrating through his fragile body, it broke my heart. ‘Happy face, happy face,’ I told myself while swallowing tears. I held his hands and gently caressed his skin. Never had I done this before. There were so many things that I

isabelle thye

How I see mum as I approach ‘mum age’

Mum age: The age whereby my mum became a mother, she was 28. I believe that life is like a round trip ticket. No matter how high you soar in life, one day, you will make the trip back to the core of what makes

isabelle thye

26 life insights from 26-year-old millennial

Wayne Dyer said that if gratitude is your only prayer, that will suffice. I realise that our perceptions change as we grow, and here are 26 things I believe in as I’m turning 26. 1. Read book Forget about the greatest books of all time or