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isabelle thye

Tango with fear

I felt scared a lot lately. I asked a friend who started a specialty coffee shop in our small, remote hometown, ‘don’t you feel scared to hold on to your vision when nobody saw what you saw? She told me about her ‘worst-case-scenario’ test –

isabelle thye

Why is storytelling so powerful

Wow. I felt disbelief not because of the story of sexual abuse I just heard. I was amazed that a beautiful lady just shared her most vulnerable moment in life with all of us, despite this being the first time we met. In that moment,

isabelle thye

How owning my story helps me quiet self-doubt

As my upcoming book, ‘The Art of Owning Your Story’, is turning into reality, I was often torn between excitement and doubt. It’s a book about my experiences, struggle and growth as I went through life transformation from corporate, coffee to entrepreneurship. Putting my thoughts

isabelle thye dont beat yourself

Don’t beat yourself up

Every time you overcome a big challenge, you feel so invincible that nothing can beat you anymore; you’ve cried your heart out and you thought you’ll never shed tears again. The thing is, there are always challenges yet to come, until you learn to accept

Isabelle Thye

Create for yourself, it’s okay

I started writing because I had a vain thought, what good will ideas do if they only live in my head? Then I wrote a post about sperms. I am still amused whenever I look back at my first article. 2 years later, writing becomes