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isabelle thye

The Power of Fear

I happily signed up for a speaking gig a couple months ago with Mindvalley, thinking it could be fun to share about coffee. Who cares that I had no experience in public speaking, I had two months to prepare for it. This was what I

starting own business

5 Truths About Starting Your Own Business

I had been spending too much time telling brand stories that I almost forgot my own voice. My mind was working 24/7, thinking about launching new brands, social media channels, and content marketing strategy among many other confusing timelines. We are a lean team and

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Is it worth it?

One and a half months into being a (over-rated) ‘startup founder’, a friend asked me this question knowing that my team was making coffee in an event until 4 am in the morning. It was a weekend. He started to project our total revenue, profit

isabelle thye coffee

7 Days of Coffees

Sometimes I think I am happy to stay in coffee industry forever. Coffee makes things okay even on the shittiest days; and people that surround me makes me feel homey all the time. The process of grinding and tamping coffee beans, watching the flow of

isabelle thye

Life Audit – 10 things I Learn Following My Heart

I love coffee. So much so that I abandoned my well-paid corporate job and took a dive into a F&B start up company, feeling certain that this is the best decision that I’ve ever made in my life. Looking back at the past 12 months

isabelle thye coffee

2 Worlds in Coffee

‘Hmm, I don’t know how to drink coffee.’ When I animatedly tell people about the story of coffee, this is the response that I get most of the time. Everyone knows how to drink coffee, for sure (it’s a beverage!). That gets me started to


How to Order Coffee Like a Pro

Thank to Starbucks, sipping a tall latte has translated into style, coolness and status no matter where you are. For most of us who grow up drinking coffee off packets, standing in front of a never ending coffee menu board seems like a daunting scenario. It

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Single Story of Coffee

A friend told me about her unpleasant coffee experience from a hipster cafe. She wanted her coffee extra hot but the barista refused to do it and went on to educate her about the ideal temperature of milk frothing. Both my friend and the barista

isabelle thye

When Coffee Meets Maslow

I am obsessed with coffee. I refuse to use the word addict because it somehow portrays the need to attend a focus group. Having coffee in the morning is my sacred ritual. It creates the moment when I feel like there is so much hope