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isabelle thye

A bit of naivety, a lot of courage

‘I’m going home, home.’ This is a line in ‘La La Land’ when Emma Stone felt humiliated after a poor received play and decided to retreat back to her parents’ home. I felt it. That was my life too. Back home, I told family and

isabelle thye

The Power of Fear

I happily signed up for a speaking gig a couple months ago with Mindvalley, thinking it could be fun to share about coffee. Who cares that I had no experience in public speaking, I had two months to prepare for it. This was what I

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Is it worth it?

One and a half months into being a (over-rated) ‘startup founder’, a friend asked me this question knowing that my team was making coffee in an event until 4 am in the morning. It was a weekend. He started to project our total revenue, profit

isabelle thye coffee

7 Days of Coffees

Sometimes I think I am happy to stay in coffee industry forever. Coffee makes things okay even on the shittiest days; and people that surround me makes me feel homey all the time. The process of grinding and tamping coffee beans, watching the flow of

isabelle thye coffee

2 Worlds in Coffee

‘Hmm, I don’t know how to drink coffee.’ When I animatedly tell people about the story of coffee, this is the response that I get most of the time. Everyone knows how to drink coffee, for sure (it’s a beverage!). That gets me started to


How to Order Coffee Like a Pro

Thank to Starbucks, sipping a tall latte has translated into style, coolness and status no matter where you are. For most of us who grow up drinking coffee off packets, standing in front of a never ending coffee menu board seems like a daunting scenario. It