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5 Mental Antidotes for Broken Spirit

They squashed my confidence, my self esteem, my belief; made me feel so small and question what the hell am I doing.

I was broken badly.

I didn’t have clarity to back myself up. I was intimidated by the fact that they are more experienced than I am.

Maybe you should get a job. He was concerned to see me ‘floating’ around.

After all said and done, I made a decision. I will embrace everything they said and create my own reality upon that.

Naivety to try

They doubted my unrealistic future endeavor to put together an alternative education that supplements current schooling system.

Our team came together because we share a common trait – the naivety to try.

Whatever journey we are in, goal is only a fragment of life.

We will be stretched and challenged in the process; but the person we become along the way will be something precious that is worth the grind.

Change one, change many

Young generation care about brands, appearance and status; they don’t have grit to work hard, lack patience and integrity.

This is our general perception.

No matter how big the problem is, if we start with people who ask questions about life and guide them to find their answer; they will go on to inspire people around them.

Now it’s not a lone nut, it’s not two nuts — three is a crowd, and a crowd is news. It’s important to show not just the leader, but the followers, because you find that new followers emulate the followers, not the leader. – Derek Siver, How movement starts

Growth Mindset

Our mindset determines the meaning of our life events and the world around us.

I value struggle. The moment I questioned ‘is this the best I can do in life?’, I got myself into a bumpy but meaningful journey of breaking and reconstructing my beliefs.

I value trying. We have no idea if our plan would work but we have faith in the purpose that it serves. Naveen Jain said that the moment we fail is the moment we quit, because every mistake points us to a better way of doing thing.

I value capacity to learn. I believe that our ability to make new connections in our unique way makes us truly powerful.

Float, to have bird eye view of the world

Most people didn’t know what to do in early twenties and many found their purpose at the rock bottom of life.

Marie Forleo talked about learning by engagement. At 25, when she attended her first hip hop class as an over-age outcast, she wept in the corner because ‘it felt so right’. She had spent 3 years deciding if she should give it a try.

Floating gives us bird eye view of the world so that we can build a better map. It gives us clarity to figure out where we are and where we want to be.

Where should I focus my time and energy?

It is important to learn from people who are more knowledgeable than us in mature organisation.

As we gain more understanding about ourselves, there might come a day when we figure that the crafted path and stability does not support growth in our current state.

Instead of planning our next move based on what we get, maybe we should ask ourselves what is important to us and where should we focus our energy?

Whether to have a job or not, framing our question differently might lead us to a totally different dimension that surprises us.

‘I design, therefore I become’ – Jason Silva

Being broken and reconstructing my belief made me more than who I was that day.

I don’t need to be right.

I want to be a relentless seeker of questions that I have about life; thrive, love and serve in the process.

It will never be a straight path.

We might go many different ways and hit many bumps; but a clear purpose will keep us moving forward and not making circle.

We are here and we are alive. What can we do? What will we do?

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