isabelle thye

What risk would you take to change your world?

“You change the world when you create something that never exists before.” — Srinivas Rao When Frankie and I started Own Your Story community event, we were not inspired by such a noble reason. We both spent a lot of time figuring out ourselves, went through 10-days of silence in Vipassana meditation, felt that something is missing in our society…

isabelle thye

How a historian shakes the world I know

‘Never underestimate human stupidity. This is the most powerful force that shape the world history.’ — Yuvah Noah Harari I was aware of the magnitude of ‘Sapiens’ before I know the author, Yuvah Noah Harari. My first proper introduction happened when I came across his podcast interview on The James Altucher’s Show. Half way into the show, I was…

Own Your Story #21 with Jay Shen: How ‘changing your mind’ can change your life

Interviewing Jayshen for ‘Own Your Story’ podcast was a fun experience that awakened the geek in me. From the intention to replace formal learning with video games to propelling human civilization, it was fascinating to pick this ‘out-of-the-box’ brain and learn his thought process. In his current position as a ‘business psychiatrist’ for start-ups, Jay…

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