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The best piece of advice from my dad

When my dad finished a 200km ultramarathon, I asked him over dinner, how did you do it?

In my past marathon experiences, I was dragging my feet and enduring pain every step of the way in the last few kilometers.

I couldn’t imagine what it took to complete a 200 km run under the hot sun from dawn to dusk to dawn again.

‘Just keep going,’ dad said casually.

That’s it??

While I was amused by the simplicity of his answer, it is the best piece of advice I’ve ever got from my dad.

Just keep going.

In his 50s, my dad defied ageing and developed his super endurance as a long-distance runner. He showed me that nothing is impossible as long as we put in the effort and practice consistently.

There were times when I doubted myself, beat myself up, and paralysed by choices in the process of carving my own path.

Despite all these, I am lucky to have a role model at home to know that as long as I don’t stop, I will reach the finishing line ultimately.

Life is like a long-distance run. Even though we can’t see the destination, every step we take will take us closer to the goal.

The ‘secret’ to finishing a 200 km has nothing to do with the expensive gears, customized diets, or having a support crew.

You just keep going.

I believe in you.

I used to think that my dad lived a risk-averse life when we couldn’t see eye to eye in my life decisions; he didn’t understand what I was doing to create my own adventures.

When I saw my dad living his passion and creating new milestones consistently in his 50s, I understood that he made a choice early in life to let us thrive in a secure and abundant environment.

I’ll never forget the time my dad replied my email newsletter with a few words that transmitted his love in silence – I believe in you.

His simple philosophy will always bring light to me when the going gets rough – he runs because he loves it; he finishes the run because he never stops.

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