7 Days of Coffees

Sometimes I think I am happy to stay in coffee industry forever.

Coffee makes things okay even on the shittiest days; and people that surround me makes me feel homey all the time.

The process of grinding and tamping coffee beans, watching the flow of double ristretto, steaming milk and giving my best shot in pouring latte art has become the best ‘zen’ way to prep myself for the day.

Here is my week in coffee.

Monday coffee


Coffee after operation meeting. It always end with ‘have a good week’ from my boss, and then we are out there doing the one thing we always do – solving problem. Love the challenge and freedom.



A failed attempt to do rosetta. Nothing special happened (not good!).



The shittiest day ever this year (up to January). I reversed my car in the morning without realising the gate was not opened and it collapsed. Aside from monetary loss, I was emotionally wrecked. My brother told me the emotion that I experienced from the accident reflected the state of my life. Yes a part of me is missing. I need to fix it and move on.

It amazed me how my emotion changed when I shared the accident with people from work and got myself a coffee. Life is not that bad after all. Those are people who have more responsibilities and difficulties than me but they don’t complain. How could I forget to be thankful?



Captured the coffee when sun light struck. My poor shooting skill and phone didn’t do it justice! Sun light in the morning is the prettiest and most magical thing in this world. It always reminds me to appreciate how beautiful life is how mindless it is to sulk over little things that do not go our way.



A mocha and it was raining outside. I was exhausted from coffee catering at a product launch event. It was funny that I actually looked forward to waking up at 6am for this job, feeling happy about making hundreds cups of coffee on that day.



At home!  However I was on super low energy level. Confession – this coffee was from last week since I can’t be bothered to capture my coffee today. Told mum about the accident, and she said something that hit me like a wakeup call. She told me not to worry excessively about things in the future which I can’t control and focus on the present. Mum is the smartest person in the world, isn’t she?

sunday coffee


Raised and captured morning light first thing in the morning. Sun light does make everything in the world pretty. Living the moment and appreciating life.

After #7daysofcoffee

It is actually about paying attention to good things in life.

It is challenging to stay positive and cheerful 24 hours a day although you make pledge on the first page of your diary. We often get sucked into black holes called ‘problems’ in which we expect to happen in future and have no control of.

Appreciating coffee and people in life pulls me back to the present and prompts me to think about the world around me right that moment. It always makes my problem so small and gives me the ‘fuck it’ moment.

Sometimes we get miserable over many minor tasks and forget about the one thing that we should really focus on –

The purpose of our life.

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